Navars Edutech (ISO 9001:2008 Organisation)

Naso is a brain child of NAVARS EDUTECH. NAVARS EDUTECH is a registered not-for-profit organization which promotes science and astronomy among school children. It is a non-profit organization established by leading academicians, educationalists, scientists and iitian's with the aim of promoting interest to students in field of astronomy & science. National Astronomy and Science Olympiad has been striving to promote scientific attitude in school students through innovative activities, National level talent tests and creating research based learning opportunities & National quizzes in field of science.


This competition is not limited to the confined box of school curriculum, academic text books or digital classrooms. We move beyond the school curriculum, taking the participants to unexplored fields of knowledge & providing opportunities to meet legends in the field of space science, presenting planetarium shows and much more. NASO is all about learning and gaining knowledge in astronomy science.

The Astronomy & Science Olympiad events are easily integrated into current curriculum or serve well as an extracurricular activity or assessment.

NASO comes up with a concept called ' Explore NASA with NASO '. Where children who performs top in competition gets an opportunity to visit for Kennedy Space Station. NASA (Houston) and runners will have an opportunity to attend exposure camp at VSSC& ISRO.

NASO Mission

We at NAVARS EDUTECH are truly passionate about science education. National Astronomy & Space Olympiad helps students to explore in deep science concepts and to make research based study in Astronomy & space science. We provide a world class experience to young aspirants by taking them on a truly exquisite educational, and making the students know deeply about the universe and the space explorations & making them aware about where India stands in the field of space science. National Astronomy & Science Olympiad is intended to ignite the young talented minds to which they may be confined to with the current educational system. We test them in field of Astronomy science and make them curios towards science and lay foundation for their career.