Young Astronaut Course- Grade 1 to 4th

Young Astronaut Course- Grade 1 to 4th

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Session One: (Our Solar System)


Our Solar System

Introduction to Asteroids,

Meteorites and Comets,

Story of the Comet,

Home Assignment.


Hands on Activity: Asteroid Impact


SessionTwo : (Mission to Mars)



Landing on Mars,

Martian rovers,

SpaceX mission to mars

Home assignment.


Hands on Activity: Lets be the Scientists


Session Three: (To the stars)


History of Astronomy,

Getting to know the stars about stars,

Constellation Tracing,

Constellation stories,


Hands on Activity: Time travel creativity challenge


Age Group: 1st to 4th Std (5th std can be allowed if interested)


Language Eligibility:The workshops will be in English. The participant should be able to understand the basic English.



List of Material Required:(Only to be shared after booking confirmation)


Session One

Session Two

Session Three

  • One Drawing paper (dark color& A4 size)
  •  One Tablespoon Flour/Aata (any kind)
  • One Lemon/ one Small ball
  • 4.  Scale ruler
  • Drawing paper
  • Sketch Pens & Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Sketch Pens & Pencil
  • Glitter/Glitter pen (optional)




Charges for NASO:


INR 599 for three session (To be fully paid before the commencement of batch)


Notes:(FOR NASO Internal purpose only)


  1. All the hands-on activities will be conducted during the session
  2. Participants should make sure that they collect all the required material before start of the session
  3. Each session is of 60 minutes
  4. The session can’t be recorded or photographed.
  5. The maximum number of students per batch is 10.
  6. It is a request to keep the participants video on (if possible) in order to assist during hands on activity
  7. Participant should have an access to decent internet connectivity to avoid any delays


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